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Female vs female cyber fights

Im sure there are plenty out there like me that get a kick out of fighting another woman without the embarrasment, risks,injuries and legal problems that an irl brawl brings,not to mention having to turn up at work with cuts and a black eye!!i find that the sheer thrill of confronting a new opponent,knowing they want to fight you,is a real turn on!
You can enjoy being a real b.tch with impunity,slagging each other off,threatening and tearing strips off each other.its such a release! And then the adrenalin rush when you get to fighting.theres a real art to the fight,to make it exciting,realistic,enjoyable to both of you,and to finally defeat the cow!!
I havent even mentioned yet the effect reading my cyberfights has on my fella.when he knows ive been challenged he cant take his hands off me......viagra is nothing compared !!!
Lets see some of you girls give it a try
Also guys,use your favourite hot celeb or your wife/girlfriend as your fighter and try my experience,which is considerable,guys can be very very good at this when using a female avatar

Anyone into it.....get in touch
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